You’re Gifted!!

dove with gift

And if you don’t know it already, I can help you Prove that you are (and /or if you kinda already know it but haven’t revealed it to yourself in a way that you can actually use your abilities, I’ve got some incentive for you that’ll get you moving on it)!

You’re here to do use your gifts on Spirit’s behalf, and it’s time to open them up and share them!


By coming into a realization of how intimately connected you are to the Überverse, and how you can easily access its messages to you.

Like this!…

Sign up before midnight this coming Tuesday, 20th May, and I’ll teach you how to do psychic drawing online for only $87… (that’s almost HALF off my usual offer!)

You don’t need to feel that you’re psychic already OR be good at drawing, and you’ll receive personal instruction from me at a time that works with YOUR schedule!

I’ll provide you with ALL the insights, tips and tricks I’ve developed for revealing Profound insights through psychic drawing, and prepare you to do your own first illustration for someone!

Here’s what a couple of my recent students had to say:

My experience during & after taking a psychic illustration workshop with Black Feather opened my awareness of ‘knowing’ what Spirit would like us to ‘work on & work out’… Amazing healing from past wounds have faded and new great opportunities have surfaced because of unknown wounds I didn’t even know were blockages. Not only did this help myself, but I am now able to do this same for others. My intuitive abilities are more fine tuned, with the guidance and reassurance of Black Feather. I recommend taking this course!!” ~ Leslie B.

I am so grateful to have been guided to this loving, caring, joyful being that goes by the name of David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy. I have received many profound, life changing, transformative experiences through his amazing, innate, intuitive talents he has been gifted with and generously, compassionately offers, one of which is through his physic illustration workshops. I believed this would enhance my own intuitive abilities, but what I received was not just a medium to tap into lives of people’s past, present and future, but help for them to heal aspects of themselves that keep them stuck and powerless. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to actually do physic illustrations, interpret them, and then bring about healing change and transformation for others. I am so appreciative of this new ability and would like to take this opportunity to thank Black Feather for this expanded inspirational capacity that I have been given.” ~ Maria Zaffino Smith

Sign up by clicking to make your payment below, and I’ll be in touch so that we can schedule a time to start!

Big Medicine Love to You,
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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