Your Love Prescription

this way to loveFrustrated with your love life?

In a love-slump?

Do you imagine you might be sabotaging your loving relationships?

Do you feel unworthy of true love?

Maybe you feel that you have to ‘settle’, always choose the wrong partner or love interest …?

Ultimately, do you want a change, a way to fix your love life (or lack of one)?!

In the maelstrom of experiences that constitute our lives, we can too easily forget that we are Love and Loved, which manifests as sabotage and blocks to the loving relationship(s) actually available to us.

We typically follow our ego’s solutions, but it’s our Spirit /Soul that actually knows what we need to do to access True Love. Following our ego’s over-loud promptings can result in dire consequences. We can’t always hear the soft whispers of Spirit, who only wants the Best (and easiest) route for us. That said, wouldn’t you rather take your Spirit /Soul’s route?!

What’s the relationship your Soul really wants you to experience?

What if we could give you a ‘magic pill’, a prescription that would make it simple to love and Allow love, and to be Fulfilled, romantically, to know what is Truly in our best interest?

What would your Spirit /Soul want you to know, to do, in terms of romantic love?

Ahh, now those sound like questions worth answering!! …

We want to help you with that (and we have the tools to do it)!

As ‘Together Feathers’, my partner in love, Maria, and I are intuitives, artists and healers (gifted ones, I might add!). We can provide you with that magic pill, that solution you’ve been wanting. Have us take an angelically guided look into your ‘medicines’ for you. We’ll provide you with a “Love Prescription”, consisting of an intuitive reading presented as a written love prescription, and a personalized, creative visual artwork, all specific to your individual journey!

Your Love Prescription is that wished-for answer to your soul’s desires for you, the quickest way for you to stop the sabotage, stop the blocks, stop the hurtful relationships, stop the limitations, stop the ego’s loveless lies, stop the lack, and listen and know what Spirit wants for you!

It’s the ‘medicine’ that’ll get you off of whatever hamster wheel you’ve been on and into that most romantic of unions, to the Love your Soul would want for you!

Invest in your LoveLife: $247

To order, email us your request at blackfeathermedicine(at)

Love Always,

David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy
and Maria ‘White Feather’

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