Are you lost in ‘why’? …as in, why am I ‘here’, why did that happen to me… why is [fill in the blank] not happening …or maybe the proverbial, what the f(ire tr)uck did I do to deserve this?

Familiar? Reckoned so. Here’s some help with that…

As much as it’s something you might not expect (or want) to hear, a better question to ask yourself is “What’s (been) motivating me?” …as in, what’s motivating my thoughts about what’s happening (or just happened, or not happened, or etc etc).

In the end [in this eternal Now Moment, actually], life is all about loving and being loved. Where we get messed up is in what we ‘think’ that means, and in how we attempt to get what we think that means.

Following from that, as a ‘for instance’, try out BIG QUESTION #1: in what ways am I looking for approval here/ in my present ‘why’?

(…and as a follow-up to that, is it approval from the person(s) in front of you, the approval of someone from your alleged past, or are you – subconsciously, dysfunctionally, or otherwise – acting with the intent of receiving God/dess’ blessing?)

When you’ve answered the right questions about said event (or non-event, as the case may well be), you’ll have no need of the circumstances any more. You’ll have experienced what you’ve – in a Divine sense – wanted to experience and learn (about yourSelf) from. And once you have no need of that particular ‘Opportunity’ any more, you can move on and manifest something other than.

Now consider trying BIG QUESTION #2’s litmus test out on your why: are your core motivations /aims for the good of ‘All’, or in the interest of self?

Or how about BIG QUESTION #8 [there really is no underlying format or hierarchy to these questions, by the way… it’s not like they’re set into some ancient stone tablet somewhere; not as far as I’m aware, at least]: am I driven by a genuine sense of purpose or something else (like maybe a drive to make money, and, in doing so, perhaps trying to make myself feel ‘safe’ or /and ‘valuable /worthy’)?

As much as it’s something you might not expect (or want) to hear, in a Divine sense, there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, when it comes to motives. That said, a ‘bad’ motive [for lack of a better term] is one you’re not aware of. A bad motive will mean you’re being dishonest with yourself, misleading yourself, withholding truths from yourself. A bad motive will keep you in denial. Ultimately, a bad motive will keep you from being free.

All that simplified: what’s my experience trying to reveal to me? …what’s it telling me about my nature /Nature? Am I aligned with Higher laws and understandings [eg. anything that’s motivated by the Creative force of Love ‘brings together’, whereas anything ‘not Love’ separates /divides], or limiting myself to acquired /assimilated societal conventions, beliefs and presuppositions?

…and once one has done the necessary internal contemplation and has come to this new level of revelation (whether or not you like what insights you’ve gleaned at this point is kind of irrelevant), the thing to do is…

Relax into it (because healing is in awareness). Breathe. Allow yourself to be replenished. Be patient …Smell some flowers, take in some sunshine, and let whatever shade of darkness had befallen you to exit the stage. You’ll find that the tensions and anxieties associated with it will ease as well (hidden from you they may have been, it actually takes a lot of effort for your ego to prop up mistruths).

…(and allow for the Miracles that will – inevitably – accompany your Transformation).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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