Who’s up for a poke at the nuts?

So you ‘should’ leave your comfort zone, right? Sure, you’ve heard it’s a good thing to do, but contemplating it puts knots in your stomach, nightmares in your head, and ultimately, cement shoes where your feet used to be.

I’m pretty sure I can help with that…

Why leave your comfort zone at all? Because you can’t otherwise take advantage of the power you have as a Divinely co-create Be-ing in this Eternal Now moment of Infinite Possibility if you’re basing your expectations on your past (i.e. your perception of the experiences that inspired the fabrication of said comfort zone in the first place).

Besides, leaving your comfort zone doesn’t mean you’ll be compromised, you won’t have what you need, you won’t count, you’ll be abandoned, or you’ll have to settle for less [or whatever else your ego’s trying to convince you of… I don’t doubt that it has an extensive list].

What does it mean? Help from ‘outside of the box’.

Still stuck with those concrete clogs? Well, I’ve got good news for you: you don’t have to jump. Just stick a finger out and ‘poke’… much less intimidating, right?

‘Testing’ the boundaries of your comfort zone can be as simple as asking yourself a question. Like for instance, “What if that thought isn’t actually true?” Or, “What if I don’t have to worry about that person /situation /perceived possibility?” How about, “What if ‘not doing’ is the best thing I can do right now?” Or try this one on,“What if I’m not making a wrong decision here [better yet: what if I can’t]?”

What happens? A door opens. That’s the full extent of it: a door will open. Nothing jumps out of it at you. Nothing grabs you and drags you through (but there will be open hands, waiting – and hoping – to take yours).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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