What you ‘HAVE’ to do (simply put)…

staircase to Light(Love being a given,) what might most people assume as being the answer to that?

…[apparently, it’s] forgiveness.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with forgiveness; after all, it does remove barriers/ illusions and wanton allusions, but where concern regarding forgiveness can be skewed is when one attaches a hope or expectation to it, a (conscious or unconscious) desire that you’ll be conferred with some manner of ‘cosmic prosperity’ as a result, that’ll it’ll be bestowed upon you by some benevolent being outside of yourself as a reward (for good and proper, quantifiably admirable behaviour).

What do you really ‘have’ to do?

‘be Butterfly’…loveable_butterfly

(…or is that ‘BE, Butterfly’?)

In other words: celebrate the power of You (in the expanded sense) …bring your awareness to your innate, ever-active capacity for transformation …lucidly observe what change(s) you’re going through …and celebrate, with respectful attention of what (/the ‘You’) you’re becoming. Be conscious of your thoughts and feelings, because they are how you Create change. Practice peacefulness and gratitude towards the process, realizing you’re in your own Loving Hands.

…the thing about Butterfly medicine is that a butterfly needn’t think it’s way through its transformation [it doesn’t decide to grow wings]. It (just) happens. (And then) it just Is.

Why is that more important (than forgiveness, say)?

…because it actually leads to Happiness (again: in the expanded sense).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

p.s. There’s nothing you need to change to become Loveable. Put another way: just BE, Love(able).

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