Wealth: the value of your lifedream

photo by Stephanie Carter on Flickr, “Cleaning Lady (Day 11)”

‘Because it seems I’ve been hurt or experienced such fear while living it, how can my lifedream be valuable? How can something that seems so out of balance in its presentation of grief and pain be worth anything?’

Whether it’s physical, emotional or spiritual, ‘suffering’ is a soul-level tool for (not directly providing, but) accessing information; it focuses and directs our attentions (sometimes by way of diversion).

It motivates Profound self-reflection, which in its right medicine inspires us to recognize and stand up for what we Believe in, regardless of the opinions, judgements or (dis)approval of others or our conditioned selves. With the benefit of those insights, we’re actually able to move past self-pity and cynicism, be instilled with clarity, come into alignment with our own strength and Beauty, and recognize and be motivated by our own Divine personal purpose.

We become adept at not just moving forward through adversity, but doing so with (at least some semblance of;) courage and determination. By giving us opportunities to confront our goblins, we’re able to exorcise the needless fears and doubts that limit us, and begin to move forward, deliberately, more present and heart-centred.

Funny enough, we’re even taught to feel bad for even presenting ourselves with our fears, but in essence, it shows that we’re courageous enough to confront what doesn’t work for us. The reason we’re taught to abhor these experiences is because of others’ fears; imagining themselves in our place can cause discomfort that others aren’t capable of reconciling.

Your lifedream is a teaching tool. Wisdom is earned as a result of bravery in the adventure of your Self. It puts you in a unique, Privileged position to be of service to others. If you feel at this point that you’ve come through in a way you imagine others wouldn’t deem ‘successful’, consider that you’ve come through it in a way that’s authentic to your own Divine nature.

What do you imagine a unique character and the accomplishment of one’s personal heroics is worth? Have the courage to value yourself.

Rather than becoming mired in self-pity, focus on the blessings being played out in your lifedream’s events, especially those wherein you come face-to-illusory-face with your shadow.

Realize that you’ve gained the wisdom of Knowing how to make situations work for the highest good of (yourself and) All. Either allow for your life to change and do what makes you happy, or transmute your thoughts in such a way that you can enjoy what you’re experiencing.

As it concerns yourself and others, place compassion and forgiveness as your guiding principles, acknowledge and then release your judgements. Past all expectations, it takes the greatest courage to say to your shadows (the unpleasant or those that are profoundly joyous), ‘I love you, forgive you, and thank you’.

It can be hard to say no to our inner critic and see our courage (but that’s what I’m good at)… Illuminator Insights

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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