There Are Two Kinds of People…

two-kinds-of-people_eyesThere are two kinds of people in the world. Actually, a better way to put it would be to say, ‘there are two ways of being in the world’: loving, or being afraid to love. Interestingly, both of them arise out of the same theme: whether you feel your needs will be met or not…

What is love, by the way? Simply put, it’s anything that ‘brings together’. Conversely, anything that’s not love separates, divides. Taken to a logical conclusion then, ultimately, love is all that exists; it’s all that can exist.

Loving, you realize you’re an infinite soul, you trust your greater I Am as Spirit /All that Is, and you appreciate and flow with the Mystery of existence. You realize that fear is unnecessary, that it isn’t just false evidence […appearing real], but that fear itself is illusory.

Alternatively, if you’re operating from a motivation of being afraid to love, you’re working from the premise that your ego will (and assuming that it even can) fulfill your needs [spoiler alert: it’s a false premise]; for example, if you believe that fighting will ultimately secure your personal safety or bring you peace, or if you choose to see persons or /and situations outside of your self as ‘other’, as ‘enemy’.

You either know you are loved, that you are Love, and live the expression of that, or you’re in the process of healing whatever illusions you’re under that are telling you otherwise.

How do you heal those illusions – what might be a ‘next best step’ for you? Commit to the practice of asking yourself: right now, am I being afraid to love […this experience? …this person? …my life? …my self? …etc] (And if you want help with the ‘why’ – or ‘why not’, as the case may be – that can follow that, contact me for a session and we’ll clear that away.)

Big Medicine Love to You

David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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