the ride’s not fun any more

[I’ve been inspired to apply my ‘drawing as a healing medium’ format to woodcarving…]

‘second chances’
This piece (still a work in progress) portrays an unintegrated experience for the subject, one that I can well imagine continually repeats in this man’s later life, such that it would seem to him that every time he wants to do something he’s ‘adrenaline-level’ excited about, he feels he has a female figure in his life holding him back, ‘controlling him’, even.
Not to make light of it, but it’s kind of ironic that there’s a repeating /’round and round’ issue here, because I believe this original event is related to an amusement park ride (or something very much like); one with an aquatic theme, to be more specific. His mom is portrayed as the cow at top, suggesting that to all intents, purposes and appearances, she had a very nurturing, maternal nature. The fact that her left arm was in a sling (not a solid cast, I don’t believe) helps to identify her, and has something to do with how this issue played out.
By revisiting this story with the awareness a new perspective can facilitate, his core beliefs can shift, such that he can manifest something ‘other’. His life will no longer have to frustratingly echo this previous event. He’ll be able to enjoy a profoundly more rewarding dynamic with his significant others, and actually enjoy and engage in what excites him, rather than feeling sabotaged, sick /ill, or hampered by ‘unfair’ circumstances.
If this resonates, email me, and I’ll help you work through it (in a way that’s ‘accessible’, even enjoyable). There’s much more that can be resolved here. You have a unique, and valuable gift to bring forward. Don’t allow this aspect of your past to continue to limit you.
Nothing can bring us lasting happiness. We have it already, within us. The question, then, is “What have I been believing /practicing that’s disturbing that?”

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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