The Mystery of Change

ultimatelyWhy we’re fated – or seemingly ‘destined’ – to have some experiences in life is a mystery. Is it karma? …a benevolent (or not-so-benevolent) Being having a laugh? Whether it’s an unexpected death, a lottery win, or an imposed career change, all can seem to come from beyond our control.

I imagine it goes without saying that being in resistance (to the unwanted stuff) doesn’t get you anywhere. But while that’s easy enough to say, how do you get from Resistance to Presence, to responding to your circumstances (in a body/mind/soul-enhancing way) rather than reacting to them (in a ‘life-is-so-f***ed-up-and-I’m-feeling-pissy-about-it’ way)?

Essential consideration number one: realize your powerlessness to change things.

…and then accept the power (/’Power’) you do have for things to change …for ‘you’ to change.

(Though it’s probably common knowledge to anyone open to channeling esoteric wisdom,) as quantum physics now verifies, “…how we choose to measure ‘now’ affects what direction [a photon took billions of years ago].” In other words, our observation of what we’re experiencing changes history; even recorded history.

That can be a little unsettling, the world as we know it no longer being the world as we’ve known it. Where’s the predictability, the reassurance that our life can have any semblance of ‘intactness’?

Better question: what’s the ‘value’ in that?

Answer (at least, one possible one): it brings you into a new relationship(/s), with your (seemingly) physical environment, with emotions [that you didn’t realize you had], with other people /beings …with otherwise unknown aspects of your Self.

In other words, you can be different in the present than your ‘recorded history’ would otherwise inspire you to believe. How better to get you there/ to that awareness than by taking you out of your known /comfort zone? “Creativity takes courage.” ~Henri Matisse

To see the miracle of what (/’Who’) is being Created, take the observer’s position. I mean really observe …do nothing but observe …remove yourself from any preconceived ‘goal(s)’ or small-self outcomes. Take in the Grander perspective, and things will improve sooner than you might otherwise think you’d thought 😉

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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