Thanks for Nothing!

bastard ego

The ego’s a manipulator, insidious.

No surprise there, I imagine.

Case in point: it comes along after the proverbial fact to give us shit for having [maybe] missed an opportunity, when it’s actually its perspective we’d been seeing things from in the first place (thus causing us to not see – or to ‘shy away from’ – said opportunity)!

It hides all your best gifts on the other side of your fears [and who’s inclined to even think to look there, right?].

And you can’t best it using thought – that’s its home turf. Trying to out-devious it is playing a hopelessly rigged attachment-after-attachment-after-attachment(-etc), ‘THIS-belief-is-better-than-ANY-and-so-is-sure-to-make-me-the-winner’ game.

So… what then?

Observing it helps. Being in awareness helps. Asking Spirit for Insight and Guidance – moreso, to actually lead you through it – helps.

…and Thanking helps.

Whether you’re thanking ‘it’ or not [the ego’s like an imaginary number, after all; an untruth, illusion, invented to discover Greater truth /Truth], and /or what you’re thanking it for is IRRELEVANT.

How can it help then? Well, it’s not a response the ego intends to inspire or expects – it’s not providing anything it’s looking to accomplish. Its ‘usefulness’ (~ the ego’s) is being undermined. Gratitude is a renovation – an upgrading – of consciousness, an auto-removal of whatever’s not serving.

You could say that “Thank You” f**ks it up (…or is that ‘Up’? 😉 ), which I imagine you’d agree is vastly better than the other way around.

All said and done, “Thank You” bypasses the ego, by providing gifts (‘Gratitude feelings’, in this case) that it hasn’t ‘done’ anything to procure. It’s out of the loop – it hasn’t Created them (it can’t; they’re FREE (and already Present, as is everything else that inevitably comes with them)).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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