When we’re unhappy, ‘more’ doesn’t make us happier; a positive state of gratitude and appreciation does, by influencing our lives and environment for the better.

By appreciating, we create ease, but getting to ease /exercising appreciation can be a challenge, when we’ve got baggage we’re dragging around.

Whether that baggage is packed with a lack of closure, the need to break a silence, to change a perception, to right a past transgression or ‘mistake’, circumvented forgiveness, incomplete lessons, or whatnot, our feeling selves (incidentally, the selves that most powerfully manifest present life conditions) keep us ‘in’ the past.

Fruitfully manifesting in the Now is only possible, then, by first realistically coming to terms with ‘where’ you are presently, tying up loose ends, reconciling, making amends with/ adjustments to – both conscious and otherwise unconscious – perceptions of self.


Visit ‘SageStories’ (June, 2019), to see if your unclaimed baggage is there.

SageStories is comprised of 20 angelically-directed ‘lifedream’ communications, presented in three parts:

1.      tour: take the walking tour for an audio experience of SageStories on the grounds of Marina Park (Thunder Bay, ON Canada) using the SageStories web-based app [go to sagestories.app]
(while you can ‘visit’ virtually, an in-person experience has *added benefits*)

2.      travel: visit the mezzanine (/upper level) of the Baggage Building Arts Centre to see an exhibit of carvings depicting specific lifedream ‘destinations’. A depiction may describe details – either symbolically or representationally – about your lifedream specifically, or of a travel/soulmate.

3.      inquire: the intended persons /subjects of each lifedream were preordained by Spirit (substitute God/dess /Source /Eternal Mystery, etc., as is your preference).
If from experiencing the SageStories tour or the carvings exhibit you believe one of the depictions describes your lifedream experience specifically, request to see the original source drawing it was derived from,
[Note: as they may contain information relevant to their Divinely intended subjects that may be of a ‘sensitive’ nature, source drawings will only be available by request, and after considerate contemplation.]

While soul-level permission (from subjects’ Higher Selves, you could say) has been granted to extend this information, the choice – the Freedom – to participate is, of course, yours. ‘SageStories’ may test your courage. Consider, though, that there may well be greater risk in staying where you ‘are’ than venturing into new territory.

“You are always protected and Divinely directed.”

Wishing you Every good thing,

metaphysical artist-medium,
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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