Psychic now, or later?

psychic now or laterThere’s no such thing as being a psychic individual. Why would I say that, when people describe me as psychic? Because, as an ‘individual’, it isn’t possible. Without an appreciation of my connection to the Universe /lifedream /Spirit /Nature and other souls I’m connected to, I’m no more psychic than you are. No offence…

I could just as accurately say that I’m no less psychic than you are. ‘Psychic’ is, in fact, a wholly natural condition of our Being (it’s also a Holy natural condition of our being, but that’s perhaps a topic for another post). In other words, you’re as psychic anyone. Do I have anything to back that up?

As any quantum physicist will tell you, particles of matter under observation behave differently for the very fact that they’re being observed. As much as the fact that whatever energy we put out to a ‘said something’ alters the behaviour of that said something, that said something is also orienting itself, in relationship to our existence. For the fact that you observe (psychically, as it’s from a distance), your reality is motivated to change. Put another way, whether we’re conscious of it or not, as a result of us energetically interacting with our physical environment, it rearranges itself to provide us with what scenarios we feel we need.

That be the case, why is it that it seems we’re not privy to what’s going on, or that things don’t appear exactly as (and when) we want them to? Actually, they do. The issue is that – time being relative – it happens across lifetimes, from impulses we don’t usually consciously, readily recall in the present. Not to mention, sometimes healing or karmic balancing needs to take place first, before we’ll allow ourselves to be conscious of our abilities.

I did a healing on someone who said she really wanted a relationship, but regardless of what she tried to do, nothing seemed to be materializing for her. As Spirit would have it, our session focussed on a past life where she’d just married a wonderful man she adored, but right after the wedding (right outside the church, actually), she and her young child were killed in an accident.

The issue keeping her from manifesting a new relationship in this life wasn’t because of the trauma of her own physical death as much as it was due to thoughts she’d been having about her then new husband. With how well she knew the man she’d just married, she realised at the moment of her death that he’d never be able to move on from the tragedy, and that he’d likely die alone.

I was guided to help her journey back to visit him on his deathbed. Sure enough, she saw that he was alone, still racked in despair. I suggested that she see herself sitting on the bed beside him and taking his hand, letting him know that – even though he couldn’t see her – she was there with him.

By helping him move on, it turned out that she’d helped herself move on, too. She found the relationship of her dreams in this life a short while later. There are so many interconnections to what she’d resolved, including releasing the ghost of the old man from the location he was still inhabiting in the present.

It’s within your power and it’s your choice to make life easy or difficult. Look into your lifedream – All parts of it – and remove whatever limitations you’ve placed on yourself that keep you from truly observing it in a way that’s in line with your Highest desires for yourself. Connecting with the other souls with whom we’re playing out our karmic debts places us in a position to more favourably affect our reality (/our lifedream) and realize our abilities.

For me, some of the soul-level, karmic safeguards I’d put in place before allowing myself awareness of my own abilities were meant to ensure I’d be using them in service and with integrity (and I realize I’ve had a lot of help to do that). What is it for you? What have you and your helpers set yourself up to learn? In other words, what illusions are you ready to forgive yourself for?

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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