Per Mission

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I titled this drawing “Per Mission”, partly because there’s what I’d identify as a ‘mission’ in the background (to the left of centre), but moreso because it stressed the importance of verifying that you have a subject’s permission before doing anyone’s psychic illustration.

At the time, I was still learning about the psychic potential of the drawings I was doing. Due to a friend’s encouragement, I’d gone to a psychic palm reader. I thought she was quite good, and I’d paid her for her services, but I thought that I’d like to do something a little bit more for her. My intention was to ask for her permission beforehand, but when I rang her number, the message on her answering machine said that she was out of town for a while.

I thought, ‘well, she’s psychic. I’m sure she’s into this kind of thing. I’ll do the illustration, and when she gets back, I’ll present it to her. It’ll be a nice surprise for her. I’m sure she’ll be very thankful.’

But when I’d finished the drawing and called to tell her about it, she was very upset. At the time (this was years ago, when I was just opening up to the idea that I was relaying psychic information through illustration), I still wasn’t a hundred percent convinced that I was capable of doing this, but herself having a lot more experience, she saw it as a psychic invasion of her privacy.

Obviously, I never received confirmation on the information communicated in this particular illustration. It was a valuable lesson about the importance of getting permission before doing a psychic drawing for anyone. As invaluable as the information revealed through them can be for the subject, they really are a very intimate look into their experience, into their past lives, guidance on their relationships and what-all-else. It’s nice to know my previous ‘mistakes’ are coming in so handy, and hey, I’ve learned a Lot since then 😉

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