Is Your Comfort Zone a ‘Dis’comfort zone: why choosing what feels wrong (instead) might be right


It (~ what you’re considering) ‘seems’ like the thing to do, right?

…I’ll let the doctors handle it – they know best.
…I’m getting bored of this relationship – I think I’ll ease my way out.
…I’ll buy those chips – it’s not like I can’t afford the two bucks.
…I refuse to accept this – it’s not like there’s an alternative (…?)

But what if the truth of the matter is that ‘what feels right’ is just what’s familiar? (And what if what’s familiar isn’t actually doing you any favours?)

Ask yourself: would I – could I – be happier with something other than what my experience has been delivering? And what might taking a step out of my comfort zone mean for me?

…This ‘woo-woo’ treatment – that doesn’t pump me full of poisons – has actually cured me (and I feel empowered)!
…I didn’t know love could be like this (this is way better than closing off)!
…I gained back way more clients than I’d lost after the divorce (since realizing I don’t need to use food to stuff my emotions, I’m really connecting with people)!
…Who’d have thought that there was a loving way to handle that (can everything be this easy?)!

If you’re reading this, it may be a way of your soul calling you to choose something unfamiliar. Be prepared: you’ll get an unfamiliar result (but would that be so bad, really?).

What have you got to lose? You’ve already had all those other results. But hey, if you’d rather stick to certainty (as illusory as that is), then do what you’d normally do (again …and again, and… ).

I’m not saying that if you go against your own common judgment it’ll be easy-breezy. I’m not promising that you won’t experience some discomfort. This alternate choice of yours might (actually, in all likelihood, will) usher in some conflict, at least a soupçon of chaos, even. After all, letting go of what no longer serves you can be challenging. Then again, it can be as easy as falling (or rolling downhill). Traditionally speaking, we’re not geared to welcome change, whether or not it turns out to be in our Best interests.

Consider that to invent the wheel, extraneous material had to be chipped away (not to mention outdated ways of thinking). In regard to the results of your choosing differently, the best I might be able to do is to assure you that there’s Divine purpose and fulfillment to what will transpire for you; well, that, and to come over and celebrate with you, once the air is clear and the blooms have revealed themselves (unless you decide – as unfamiliar as that might feel for you – that you need to connect with me sooner, of course;).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

2 thoughts on “Is Your Comfort Zone a ‘Dis’comfort zone: why choosing what feels wrong (instead) might be right”

  1. How many times do we agonize over the same thing over and over again, year after year, only because we are so scared to try/do something else? That agony I know, that agony I think I can cope with, that agony I try not to feel, that agony I try not to fear, that agony I try not to grieve, that agony I try not to love, that agony I try not to notice…. I don’t want to even consider that I might try/do something else. I know that place, and it knows me. That something else just might change everything for the worse; then what? That something else is not tolerable, because the agonizing thing is something we learned to control and cope with. How? By shoving it as far down as possible, and it works kind of, or we think it does. I call it ‘staying in the comfort of the un comfort’. Why, you say? Because that something else just might kill us, might hurt us more, might explode into a million pieces and we can’t get it (the agonized thing) back. So we hold onto a relationship that clearly is done, wrong or abusive. So we hold onto keeping a job that we hate because it pays the bills, is secure, or we fear change. So we hold onto tears, for fear we seem weak in front of others. So we hold on to a grudge because we have principles. So we hold on to family because we need to be needed, loved and safe. But, what if, what if, we throw caution to the wind and do/ try something else? What if our lives will be better, what if we find our joy, our peace, our love? What if we dare to try/do something else, what if…..

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