Love’s Focus

love's focusWhether it’s money, love, or any other form of Abundance, don’t worry about what is (or isn’t) coming to you, concentrate on what it is that you’re in a position to put out to the world (and the rest will take care of itself).


Because it’s the antidote to any self-defeating attack thoughts you’ve got going on in your subconscious. By changing the energy of what you’re putting outside of yourself, you change what you’re drawing from inside of yourself, building up your connection to that wellspring (and in turn, changing what energies you’re attracting).

As we’re apt to do, if you’re worried about being judged when you extend yourself in that way, consider that your feelings can’t be hurt by someone who doesn’t have the authority to judge you – spoiler alert: no one is in a position to judge you. How does that work? Consider the fact that there’s no one in the Überverse like you (yes, we’re all interconnected and part of God/dess or ‘All’, ‘the One’, ‘Spirit’, or whatever you want to call it, but by Design, we’re all in some way uniquely separate manifestations of that omniPresence as well). How can another part of that presence truly consciously know or identify with every single aspect of You? Given that they can’t, how can they judge you?

While we’re on the subject, do you know yourself, even?…

Do you know how you’d answer the question…

  • What inhibiting karma is influencing you, following you around from past lives?
  • What creativity and profound adventures have you been keeping out of reach?
  • What is it that you don’t like about yourself that you’re blaming others for?
  • What things belong to others (influential spirits on the other side of the veil, for instance) that you’re blaming yourself for?
  • If what you’re experiencing now isn’t ‘heaven’, is there something you can do about it?

With the ability to dish out love indiscriminately, there can be no judgment; no judgment of others, and no judgment of self. How to get past the self-defeating shame-game of mis-focused love? Look at what’s got you doubting your own Power, compromising your aptitude for happiness and peace, and doubt that… turn it on it’s head. If you need some help identifying it (and doing it in such a way as you’re able to laugh at it), you know where to find me 🙂

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy


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