longing for belonging?

butterfly on stalkHave you been ‘longing for belonging’, to feel ‘at home’, ‘accepted’? Your search is over; it’s already happened. You’ve (been) Chosen to Belong.

So why don’t you feel any different? As with any change, it can take a while for your awareness to catch up, accept and perceive the reality of it.

In the meanwhile (not that there is a meanwhile, past and future being illusory, but anyway…), beware of making ‘Real’ any typical behaviours /perceptions you’ve used as distractions. If they show up, tell them you love them, but kiss them goodbye. They’re obsessions you’ve entertained to distract you from moving forward in life; somewhere to direct your loving intentions, but that don’t go anywhere.

For example …? …focusing on the material world (above all else), believing it’s the only reality, the only one worth your attentions (spoiler: do you imagine those feelings of disillusionment you feel you’ve experienced might be a Divine red flag?). Reliance on material wealth to satisfy your belonging was motivated by others’ false promises – how can anyone feel they belong, when the focus is on ‘things’, rather than You?

Realize your soul’s Commitment to building your dream, and you’re assured a desired outcome. Expect miracles. Allow for things to fall into place. It’s not that a lot of ‘work’ is needed, so much as it’d be helpful to stop directing energies to things that don’t serve you. In that, your Fortune is inevitable… ‘we do without doing, and everything gets done’.

And one more thing: if you experience a ‘rejection’ shortly, don’t take it personally – (contrary to how things might look,) it’s not that you’re being rejected, but that your soul is the one doing the rejecting. Attempting to enter a doorway or into a relationship that isn’t ultimately going to bring you that sense of belonging you’re seeking is no longer acceptable to You. It might feel painful, but it’s actually a Self-protection (I can understand you finding it difficult to believe at the moment).

You’ve chosen another path for yourself; ‘belonging’ has become ‘Belonging’.

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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