Lifedream Illuminations

"Reluctant Angel"
(detail) “Reluctant Angel”

Lifedream Illuminations use drawing to provide essential information and guidance otherwise unknown to the conscious mind. It’s kind of like art therapy, but with a Divine Guidance twist.

Our spiritual support team of guardian angels and spirit guides has an infinitely more encompassing view than we have here ‘on the ground’ of our life. They know best how to address issues that are out of harmony, out of balance, out of whack, or seem just plain unfair.

Lifedream Illuminations are a way of revealing and acknowledging your past (including past lives), present and future, and facilitating reconciliation. And thankfully, your angels know you So well that they also know the best ways to overcome any challenges or fears you may have.

What’s in it for you?

Well, if it’s something you’ve been hoping to manifest, Love, for one thing; whether that’s Romance with a future partner, or a renewed relationship with your Self and the magic of your own life. Through acceptance of your angels’ assistance as illustrated and interpreted for you in a Lifedream Illumination, you will find the Love you’re seeking. The support that’s offered will enable the healing of present relationships, or help you move into a new soul-made connection. How does experiencing the love of your life sound to you?

Maybe your central issue is that you’re just too hard on yourself. An Illumination can reveal to you your True beauty and move you towards loving yourself – every part of yourself – unconditionally. It’ll help you to let go of negative self-judgments and enjoy being you!

Or perhaps you’ve had difficulty getting a venture off the ground; your steps seem painful, premature or just plain ineffectual. That being the case, this is your medicine for moving forward! Through these drawings, Black Feather reveals invaluable information and direction for you, in such a way that it can be gently incorporated into your life. Information is illustrated and interpreted for you in much the same way that dream symbols are, though with Black Feather as a medium, in a form that’s much more tangible and accessible.


So much information gets communicated through a Lifedream Illumination, it’s seriously like getting ten psychic readings and healings rolled into one – on top of that, information gets accessed that conventional therapies can’t even get close to revealing!

If you’re being hampered by some illusion that minimizes or weakens your abilities, what’s on offer here is a form of ‘angelically-assisted self-help’.

Illuminations are a means to realizing what is right and true for you on a soul level, a way of taking back your power and creating a world more in line with what works for You. They’re a creative force for manifestation that will open you to more profound joy, bliss and happiness. Through revelation of what’s been holding you up, old patterns and ways of being can be painlessly washed away, to be replaced by new aspects that will bring Delight to your life!

And so it Is.

$367 (USD) includes psychic illustration and consultation

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Assisting in illumination of your lifedream through 'soul-medicine' wisdom, dream symbolism, past-life /karmic reading and resolution, channeling, drawing as a healing medium, and energy healing. In Loving service, David 'Black Feather' Nagy


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