Letting Go: death as liberator

light and tunnelContrary to how things might appear or feel to you right now, with what you’re going through, things are actually about to take off in your world. Your unique life experiences have prepared you in a way that will make the most of what it is you’re letting go of at this time, and there are soul-level rewards to be embraced as a result.

Letting go through our relationship with death and grief is our soul’s way of asking us to stop and look at our relationships with ourselves, our responsibilities, our commitments, and all that we bring with us on our journey. What burdens have you been carrying? In what ways have they been causing you hardship?

Death implores us to carry only what is authentically ours and to release others to their own Divine path. Whether we’re experiencing the death of another or our own, either our inner work has ended and it’s time to shift into the new, or it’s just beginning and we’ve been given a call to start. It’s an opportunity to release whatever past ideals are no longer serving us.

You’re not stuck. To appreciate that, sometimes it’s just a matter of asking the right questions. If you’ve had a shock to your life as you perceive it, a sudden shift in circumstances that you weren’t anticipating, what’s the opportunity you’re being presented with? Are you being asked to see another person’s side of things, in a way that you couldn’t have before? Are you ready to acknowledge and accept your differences, your own uniqueness?

If it seems the light has gone and you’re having trouble seeing what’s around you, if you find yourself giving into fear and imagine you’ll never feel safe or happy again, I hear you. You can know your next steps, and you can again have hope that they will lead somewhere you’ll want to be.

You don’t have to walk your path alone. Accept help in lightening your load. It’s yours if you ask for it. Now is the time to do so and to expect to get it.

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy


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