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illumined_heartIf you’ve dreamt of a better life, a better world, and have a wish to experience the Joy of it,

if you long for clarity on – and to make a Difference with – what you have to contribute that’ll help facilitate that,

if you desire to feel nourished and supported as you’re exercising what unique contribution you have to make,

and especially if it doesn’t feel that way at the moment;

(perhaps you’re feeling incapable, confused, misunderstood or unworthy;

in the extreme, maybe it even feels as though you’re ‘under attack’, energetically or otherwise,)

Wouldn’t you like to know how to move your energy into that change?

An Illuminator Insights session will provide guided insight as to how to remove whatever energies are hindering you and need to go.

It’ll reveal an illumined solution, and help resolve things in accord with your soul’s desires, in a way that will benefit All.

On offer is emancipation from whatever negative energies are supporting your current situation, so that you can Awaken to your own Light.

If you feel you’re just starting your spiritual journey, consider the fact that you’re reading this as a sign to enlist Black Feather’s help. If you’ve already been doing inner work, take it as a message from the Überverse that you’re ready for another significant Shift, an opening for something new and different to manifest.

As a consequence of working with Black Feather, people’s lives change. Allow for your lifedream to take a new direction.

What say you?

Yes, I’d definitely like an Illuminator Insights session!
$87 (USD)

Email me with your request for a session,
and we’ll work out the details:

2 thoughts on “Illuminator Insights”

    1. I’d be delighted to help you with that, Krista. If I remember correctly, I actually did a drawing for Scott, a Lifedream Illumination. But if you’d like an Insights reading (I assume you do, since your comment is on this page), I’m happy to do that (instead?). Assuming by your request that I already have your permission to, I’ll take a look into your medicines and see what comes up. All I need from you is an email address (I see one “piano-” attached to your comment), and to know whether you’d like help with a specific concern, or if you’d rather I just took a ‘look’ and relate to you what I’m shown (I recommend the latter). You can send any correspondence to blackfeathermedicine(at)
      Cheers 🙂

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Assisting in illumination of your lifedream through 'soul-medicine' wisdom, dream symbolism, past-life /karmic reading and resolution, channeling, drawing as a healing medium, and energy healing. In Loving service, David 'Black Feather' Nagy


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