‘together feathers’ healing earthwalks workshop

WHEN: Saturday, 9th of August, 2014, (starting at 1pm)

WHERE: meeting at the Cascades parking lot (north end of Balsam Street, Thunder Bay, ON)

WHY: because Gaia Loves you 🙂

Do you struggle? A healing journey earthwalk will put your problems outside of yourself in a way that can provide Profound transformation.

Taking this guided, healing earthwalks workshop with ‘together feathers’ David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy and Maria ‘White Feather’ Zaffino Smith, you can transform whatever engrained limiting beliefs have kept the lifedream that is possible for you out of reach.

Things that seem like ordinary (objects, plants, animals, etc.) are revealed to be profoundly symbolic; they’ll ‘Magically’ appear in a way that will not only provide solutions, but facilitate emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing.

Earthwalks provide an observer’s distance from issues /challenges /struggles, but in a way that brings Divinely-inspired understanding. You’ll be benefited in ways that you couldn’t otherwise conceive of.

With the Loving, compassionate help of ‘together feathers’, Spirit, the Great Mother, your Higher Self, and your Guides and Angels, signs laid on the earthwalk will provide interpretive messages for solving and healing whatever needs to be shifted. They’re a way to break free from what’s no longer working for you and facilitate instrumental change, in a way that you can handle.

You’ll not only learn to do and interpret earthwalks to benefit your own journey, but be able to use them as a healing tool in a way that extends this Loving service to others as well!

Please bring proper footwear and gear for walking the trails /woods, as well as something to record information on… that can be an iPad, camera, voice recorder, or pencil and paper.

Interested? Email Black Feather for more details and to register:
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black_feather_orangeDavid ‘Black Feather’ Nagy is your go-to guide, when your lifedream seems to be taking a turn ‘off the (beaten) path’. He can help you realize who your allies are (which spirits and patterns are helping you, for instance, and which are a hindrance to your well-being), and assist you in finding your own Best route. He has an uncanny ability for Divining the relevance behind whatever appears on your journey, and walk you to your own place of Knowing; from there, you can’t make a mistake.

Maria ‘White Feather’ Zaffino is a change-agent with a Divinely-purposed ability for bringing balance to facets of your lifedream that you might feel you have no control over. Through her intimate connection with the Higher realms, where there is discord or shadow, she delivers insight, innocence, harmony, peace, and protection. Beauty in your life comes from the authentic beauty within You.

Big Medicine Love to You

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