Flying When Grounded

Flying When GroundedDo you find yourself asking lately, “What did I do to deserve this?!” Feeling trapped, like a bird in a cage, defeated by circumstances or expectations (of others or – false though they may be – from /towards yourself)?

When I was asking for guidance on what would be most helpful for me to write this post about, a couple of alternate (and really wordy) titles came to mind:

Seeing things from a higher perspective, even when it seems nothing’s happening or (perhaps more to the point) there’s out-and-out crap going on”.


How to bring your circumstances into alignment with your Higher purpose”.

In any case, what to do about (it)?

Answer: Work on your dreams.

Give them some mental attention. Give them some physical attention, too. By the fact that you’re nudging the Überverse into directed co-creation, you’ll be making your own ‘Luck’.

Make some logical decisions; talk about them; act on them.

Given your current circumstances, it might not at all seem that a measure of success can be easy and effortless (as regarding your dreams), but consider for a moment that what you’ve been going through might well (‘just’) be a karmic trough on life’s wave for you, a time of balancing, consciousness preparation and /or skill building. Whatever the case, you’re healing a hurt, living the perceptual imperfections of being human, practicing /entertaining the illusion of weakness, as a means of getting to know yourSelf better. Truth will build a bridge.

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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  1. Still so in love with this post. I keep coming back to it. I have it bookmarked. It is moving, working within me: Truth will build a Bridge.
    David, I think RAISING CLARITY would like to republish this. What do you say?

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