Divine Trade (-off?)

wooden nickelA Truth as I observe it is: some (most?) of us don’t appear to be on the wheel this time around to manifest fortune in a conventional (eg. financial) sense.

Is that a bad thing? It most likely is, if you’re listening to what the ego, conditioning, or whatever perceptual framework you want to call it has to say about it.

That being the case, what might be the soul-level reason for experiencing financial (for lack of a better word:) frustration? What’s the trade-off, the ‘Benefit’ to manifesting conditions that might for all intents and purposes breed discontent or disappointment? And how might it fit into our individual life’s Purposes?

I happened upon an intriguing quote from Panache Desai: “the accumulation of things can further distance you from the abundance that you Are”. It suggested to me that we not do ourselves the disservice of judging ourselves for possessions or currency we do or don’t have, but to instead investigate what ‘abundance’ might mean for us (individually). Again, it seems to come down to the question ‘what’s Valuable (to you as a soul-being)?’

Are you subject to wanting /striving /suffering in your current lifedream to call attention to aspects of yourself that are wounded and need healing (or exalting, as the case may be)? Does being ‘hungry’ call attention to beliefs about what you don’t like about yourself/ your lifedream in a way that being satiated wouldn’t? Perhaps this is the (/a) lifetime you’ve chosen for mending a certain dis-ease. If the information you gained through perceiving scarcity motivated you to learn how to heal illness through unconventional means (rather than simply paying others to do it), or taught you to love anyone and everyone around you unconditionally, or inspired you to stand up against injustice, what do you imagine those self-empowerments might be ‘worth’?

Maybe for you, the value you can gain through privation is personal truth, courage, self-respect, responsibility or /and integrity; not a result of identification with what you have, but what you realize you are, a result of respecting the manner in which you operate within your lifedream, regardless of conditions, expectations or comparisons. Perhaps positive communication wouldn’t have been possible in your relationships, with the (distractions) that having money might have precipitated, or you came to realize you were blaming others for things you didn’t like about yourself (and the deeper truth that there isn’t anything not to like about yourself).

In a sense, when you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ve got Everything to gain. Achieving wholeness in this way can provide us an essential opportunity for focus and allow us to more effectively realize our inherent abundance.

If you’re perceiving financial deprivation, consider it a soul-level invitation to explore what your particular lifedream intends to reveal (that you’ve been missing). Things change as a result of being observed. Its acknowledgment will enable you to let go of the past, and offer up today as the beginning of a decidedly more whole, new and positive You.

We’re capable of manifesting anything we want into the material, and realizing the abundance that we Are can of course (also) materialize material wealth and prosperity. But why as a soul would you want to sell yourself short and have material prosperity without the awareness of that? One presupposes the other, since desiring something you don’t believe you have (or that is actually someone else’s desire) only perpetuates the belief it doesn’t exist for you.

Make a personal inventory of all you don’t yet realize you have by investigating what your lifedream has been trying to show you, the deeper motivation – the Purpose – behind your ‘wanting’. That integration will set you up for the realization of all other forms of abundance and fulfillment. Refocus your awareness on what’s Authentic to /for you, follow Spirit’s promptings, and watch your Desires appear (in Abundance, I might add).

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

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