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Free Psychic Drawing Presentation

(feel free to save, print, and post image:)
(feel free to save, print, and post this image:)

I’ll be giving a FREE introductory presentation about my experiences with psychic illustration at Blue Sky Community Healing Centre (in Thunder Bay, Ontario) on Saturday, April 19th @ 1pm. Time to reveal your gifts to the world? You were born to illuminate!

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Draw Me: what do your spirit guides and angels want you to see?

learn_psychic_drawingRemember talent tests like the ‘Draw Me’ ads in comic books? Many people consider that they were a scam. After all, anyone and everyone that made the effort to draw whatever character was displayed passed, whether it was of a pirate, a house, a donkey, or Bob Hope. Essentially, it was a clever ploy, devised as a means of selling an art course, and it served the advertisers more than it did most of the hopeful artists who drew and sent in a likeness.

Depending on where entrants lived, a salesman might even have been dispatched to show up at the door, unannounced, with the intention of selling a company’s instructional art program. Even back in the Depression, one firm’s version cost $170, rose to $300 by 1950, and is around $3,500 now, as a distance education course.

That said, it’s how Charles M. Schulz – creator of the ‘Peanuts’ comics strip – started. Seriously. He answered a “Do you like to draw?” ad, passed Art Instruction Inc.’s ‘talent test’, and started developing his abilities (he even became an instructor there later). Regrettably, not everyone answering an ad came out feeling as successful by their efforts as was Charles.

Why was he that successful, when others weren’t?

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Per Mission

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I titled this drawing “Per Mission”, partly because there’s what I’d identify as a ‘mission’ in the background (to the left of centre), but moreso because it stressed the importance of verifying that you have a subject’s permission before doing anyone’s psychic illustration.

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Missing Rabbits: when worlds meet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of my favorite experiences with doing psychic illustrations…

This is a detail from an illustration I did a few years ago for a woman called Petra. She had herself forgotten all about the incident it described, until it was re-presented to her here.

It’s been my experience that in each illustration I do, there’s at least one ‘undeniable’ bit of information for the subject that gives them cause to think, ‘wow, there’s no way this psychic /artist person could have known that; perhaps I’d best pay attention and be open to what else is being communicated here, in terms of information that might be helpful to me’.

When I first described this part of her drawing to Petra, I asked, ‘who’s this boy running towards us with his arm upraised (as though he’s trying to get someone’s attention)? I know it looks as though this person’s wearing a gown or dress, but I distinctly feel that it’s a boy that’s being depicted here’.

Petra was astonished. She said, “Ohhhh… that’s John! I forgot about John!”

Petra recalled a memory from the orphanage that she’d lived in when she was a very young girl in the Philippines…

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