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Call yourself a Shaman (…?)

I don’t. At least, not any longer, and it’s about time I got away from playing that old record for myself, stop living as if my past is still here, and Be the future self I Am.

Don’t get me wrong; I highly respect shamanism as a truly profound and miraculous healing art.  After all, I’ve been a traditional shaman in more than one past life and uphold tenets familiar to the practice in my present incarnation as well.

For instance, I continue to have a deep-level awareness of and respect for how Spirit interacts and communicates to us through animal messengers (and innumerable other manifestations) in this lifedream we perceive as our physical ‘reality’. I communicate healing messages by accessing unseen realms. And through connection to Source /Spirit /God /whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I energetically facilitate multi-level healing. But ‘shaman’ doesn’t describe ‘me’ (at least, not any more).

For lack of knowing how else to identify myself, I’d gone (along) with what other people were identifying me as, based on what they perceived I was ‘doing’ in my healing mission. And it made sense, in that the success of some of the methods I employ – like soul-retrieval or mitigating the influence of unseen spirits – are often attributed to the shamanic tradition. As providence would have it, I’d taken the proverbial ‘easy’ route; one that I thought would by association provide people an accessible recognition of how I might best help them.

In truth, though, I want to make sure I’m not doing the worthy practice of shamanism, myself, or You a disservice. While I’d rather not use another label at all, I’ve been inspired to refer to myself as a “lifedream illuminator”. While I believe it invokes a more apt description, it doesn’t just describe what I do; it’s what (rather than ‘who’) I Am.

So, what does it mean to be a ‘lifedream illuminator’?

Spirit is suggesting that a better first question might be ‘why’, as in ‘why would I /someone /you refer to yourself as one?’

As awareness of it in this dimension goes, part of ‘Being’ involves a letting go of or ‘moving away from’. While shamanism is indeed enjoying a revived appreciation world over, many people who’ve been taught to fear it as something (how to put it?…) ‘untoward’ will continue to be frightened of it, and miss out on the help on offer to them.

On the perceived other end of the spectrum (to all intents and purposes), persons that could benefit from healing but whose channels get scrambled by the mention of words they’re inclined to associate with religious doctrine  (like ‘Saints’, ‘Father’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Krishna’ or what-have-you) will either disregard what’s on offer to them outright, or perhaps worse yet, hold it in ‘too’ high a regard. What’s the danger in that? It’s been my experience that certain spirit-beings take advantage of ‘adoration’ energies, in much the same way as others feed off ‘negative’ or fearful ones.

In other words, I believe Spirit’s motivation here is one of ‘accessibility’; making Heart-centred healing available to persons who won’t access it through other modalities as they’re presented. In other words, why should anyone miss out? If you’d like to enlist the assistance of Loving, helper energies to bring more Light into your thoughts and your life, you’re not alone. We’re all here to help you be who you’re truly meant to be.

If you’re looking for a shaman specifically, doing a search online will bring up names like Sandra Ingerman, Michael Harner, Nicholas Breeze Wood, and a host of others highly qualified in the art. There are many I could whole-heartedly recommend.

But since you’ve found yourself here, consider that it’s where you’re ‘supposed’ to be, and contact me to find out what enlisting the help of a lifedream illuminator can be of benefit to you, personally.


Or if you feel an authentic call towards recognising yourself as a lifedream illuminator, consider this an invitation from the Universe to do so – you have at least as much a right to the moniker as I do. I advise though, that it’s not a trademark or to be used as a marketing gimmick any more than is the word ‘shaman’.

Big Love,
Black Feather