answered prayers

What do you do, when you’re presented with an opportunity?

Many times over, we can be presented with answers to our prayers, a chance to let go of illusion or pretense, to see that we’re not alone in our challenges, but might reject them, because they don’t come in the form of what we ‘know’, what we can accept; they’re not aligned with what beliefs we’ve manufactured for ourselves.

The problem with ‘beliefs’ is that they’re – by and large – constructed from past experience; past ‘traumatic’ experiences, typically. Intentionally, they’re designed to keep us safe, and as an experiential ‘filter’, they can do that. Unfortunately, our filters can be indiscriminate: they tend to also filterstuff we’d otherwise prefer. They can keep us from help that’s on offer to us. They can cause us to (unknowingly) withdraw from Love.

Perhaps more significantly, they don’t allow us to be fully present, and the ‘Now’, thisEternal present moment, is where our power truly resides. Thusly, we have a tendency to be in a state of conflict between what is ‘real’ and Present, and what is believed. Not only, then, might we have been a victim in our past, but we can fall victim to our beliefs about our past, in the present, perpetually [unless we opt to open to something ‘new’, something other than what we’ve been to this point doing-believing, and get some help from a source outside of – or, you could say, ‘larger than’ – our selves].

Whether you feel you, personally, could use ‘a gentle intervention’ in that regard, or you’re simply curious, or you’re just looking to be entertained, SageStories can do that for you…

SageStories is a presentation of 20 angelically-directed spiritual communications experienced as an exhibit of carvings in the mezzanine (/upper level) of the Baggage Building Arts Centre in June (2019), and a geo-activated walking tour of SageStories audio excerpts on the grounds of Marina Park [accessible for free on your mobile device, using the SageStories web-based app: “”].

“Number One, All Good” (detail from original source drawing)

You may well find that one of the stories as presented is yours specifically, your own personal ‘medicines’; insights not meant to limit or wound, but help for you to heal and grow. That being the case, you can expect to be released from feelings and situations you no longer want in your life [and that being the case, contact Black Feather – blackfeathermedicine(at) – for help with the life changes you’ll be moving through]! In any case, SageStories can be a wake-up call, delivering the message that every lifedream event, experience, and /or relationship is no accident, providing an opportunity to see the benefit – and for some, the essential possibility – of living your Best life.

You could yourself help in answering prayers: show a friend you care by telling them about SageStories, or if you’re interested, learn how to employ the techniques Black Feather used to create SageStories, and answer many people’s prayers! He’ll be offering a free, introductory information session re Lifedream Illuminations at the Baggage Arts Centre, sometime in June (TBA).

Meet metaphysical artist-medium, David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy, at the SageStories opening: 1pm to 4, Saturday June 1st (2019).

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