’11:11′ (and other synchronistic, repeating numbers)

eleven eleven11:11, what does it ‘mean’? And the answer is (well, the answer that I have for you is): ‘different things to different people’…

I’ve heard people describe their appearance as anything from being a Divine wake-up call for oneself as a Lightworker to a message for you to make a wish. One article I read included a caution ‘not to focus on fears’ because you might manifest them. Pbblllltt! (in case you didn’t catch it, that was me blowing a raspberry!) Sounded all too much like fear addiction to me, in the same way the news celebrates dirty laundry. As immortal beings, we have nothing to fear, even from our own fears. It’s not as though if we go there we’re not capable of returning – sometimes it’s essential to our soul’s growth to go in and investigate (objectively, mind you).

(Incidentally, Melanie Beckler’s written what I feel is a particularly good article on the significance of 11:11 that you might want to check out: http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/1111-what-does-it-mean/)

To each their own journey, but from what guidance I’ve myself received, while synchronistic numbers (like 11:11) indeed are our guides’ and angels’ way of trying to get our attention, they’re often bringing attention to something we’ve been avoiding. That could be in terms of a reluctance on our part to accept an as yet unrealized Joyful way of being that we’re capable of but have been resisting for some reason (for no good reason, as the case may be;), or it could be that we’re being pointed to something we’re (at least partially) aware of but have been neglecting to ‘do’.

An example…

Around the time I started opening up to the realization that I was doing psychic illustrations, my partner at the time and I decided to quit our paying jobs, with the intention of using the Law of Attraction to manifest everything we needed (or should I say ‘wanted’). Well, we got what we Needed, but it certainly wasn’t the easiest of rides. At that time, I saw more instances of repeating numbers than I ever have since.

I took it to be Divine encouragement that I was on the right track, doing the right thing, and that it was intended as support on my journey as I was healing and coming into a greater appreciation of my abilities. And it was that, but it was also something else, something that I didn’t want to look at.

While I have absolutely no doubt that money can indeed ‘fall out of the sky’, my guides and angels were trying to impress upon me that (returning to) the tree service work I’d been employed in was a (/My) ‘Divinely preferred’ life choice. I wasn’t getting the message. Actually, it’s more to the point that I refused to hear it. Our ‘being provided for’ got rough, unnecessarily rough.

With every 11:11, 3:33 and 5:55 (and every other imaginable synchronistic variation), I was being offered red flags. My grumbling belly and homelessness confirmed it, but I wouldn’t accept Spirit’s will for me. I wouldn’t concede my egoic beliefs about how I was to get to my dreams and desires. I was being demanding, and it was seriously hurting my body (heart included).

I’d pull cards on it, but ‘wasn’t understanding’ the message (again, ‘refusing’ is a better fit).

I didn’t get it until a day that I asked to Spirit to provide me with obvious signs for what I was to ‘do’. I received three of them (3 being a Divine number, a sign in itself that I couldn’t ignore)…

We went for a walk. I saw a tree service truck. ‘No big deal’, I thought, ‘there are always tree service trucks around the city’. We walked to a remote area along the ocean. And we saw another tree service truck, this one with the word “Maranatha” on it [I’m not an advocate of organized religion (religious dogma specifically), but for the sake of a description of what Maranatha references, here’s another link: http://www.gotquestions.org/maranatha.html]. ‘Okay, that’s too unlikely to be coincidence’, I said aloud, ‘It looks like a message from Spirit, but I can’t believe I’m supposed to go back to cutting trees. It just doesn’t seem right or make any sense to me ‘.

Feeling lost and despondent, we went to a friend’s house. She wasn’t there, but she’d given us a key to come and go as we pleased. The phone rang, and I considered whether to answer it. On her call display appeared “P D Baker”. My friend just happened to know a Baker with those very initials, but coincidentally (and I’m using that word facetiously, of course), the tree service company that I would call were I to consider looking for conventional work belonged to my previous employers – and altogether lovely people – “Pam and Doug Baker”. At that point, needless to say, I finally got the message (though ‘surrendered to’ is a better fit). I made a call, and ended up going to work with people (that the Bakers knew,) whom it became blatantly clear it was in my Highest best interest to share karma with.

And I didn’t see nearly as many synchronistic numbers after that. Yeah. Go figure.

What I’d ultimately attracted was a connection with others. With them, I co-created some truly profound experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, and it sparked creative ventures I wouldn’t have known.

It was an invaluable lesson, in terms of ego’s ‘wanting and longing’. As much as I’d been resisting putting myself in a situation I didn’t think I wanted or needed (?) to be in, I realized that in truth, our treasures can be wherever we are. It’s a matter of perception, ‘doing’ in accord with Spirit’s guidance, choice, and state of mind.

So for me, I can say, yes, the numbers were a wake-up call. It’s just that they weren’t what I’d thought they were 😉

You have every reason to move forward hopefully, optimistically. What’s the message behind the incidents of synchronistic numbers appearing for you; what are those wake-up calls intended to convey? What spark of Creativity is asking to be opened up?

What is it that your guides and angels want you to know? Allow them to show you the beauty of your lifedream (and your part in co-creating it). I’m be only too Delighted to help. Send me an email with the subject line: “What’s the Message?” to blackfeathermedicine(at)gmail.com and I’ll take a look into your medicines. You can express your appreciation by giving a donation to the worthy cause that is my work here at Black Feather Medicine. We’ll sort it out.

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