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(Even if you have issue with some of the content as stated, please consider joining in with the intention of ‘just’ feeling and sharing ‘Love’; can’t be a bad thing, right?! Personally, I can’t imagine myself as having any ‘thing’ Better to do at that time;)

Consider: If ANYTHING [as in, ‘at all’] HAS been created, ANY-thing CAN be created.

answered prayers

What do you do, when you’re presented with an opportunity?

Many times over, we can be presented with answers to our prayers, a chance to let go of illusion or pretense, to see that we’re not alone in our challenges, but might reject them, because they don’t come in the form of what we ‘know’, what we can accept; they’re not aligned with what beliefs we’ve manufactured for ourselves.

The problem with ‘beliefs’ is that they’re – by and large – constructed from past experience; past ‘traumatic’ experiences, typically. Intentionally, they’re designed to keep us safe, and as an experiential ‘filter’, they can do that. Unfortunately, our filters can be indiscriminate: they tend to also filterstuff we’d otherwise prefer. They can keep us from help that’s on offer to us. They can cause us to (unknowingly) withdraw from Love.

Perhaps more significantly, they don’t allow us to be fully present, and the ‘Now’, thisEternal present moment, is where our power truly resides. Thusly, we have a tendency to be in a state of conflict between what is ‘real’ and Present, and what is believed. Not only, then, might we have been a victim in our past, but we can fall victim to our beliefs about our past, in the present, perpetually [unless we opt to open to something ‘new’, something other than what we’ve been to this point doing-believing, and get some help from a source outside of – or, you could say, ‘larger than’ – our selves].

Whether you feel you, personally, could use ‘a gentle intervention’ in that regard, or you’re simply curious, or you’re just looking to be entertained, SageStories can do that for you…

SageStories is a presentation of 20 angelically-directed spiritual communications experienced as an exhibit of carvings in the mezzanine (/upper level) of the Baggage Building Arts Centre in June (2019), and a geo-activated walking tour of SageStories audio excerpts on the grounds of Marina Park [accessible for free on your mobile device, using the SageStories web-based app: “”].

“Number One, All Good” (detail from original source drawing)

You may well find that one of the stories as presented is yours specifically, your own personal ‘medicines’; insights not meant to limit or wound, but help for you to heal and grow. That being the case, you can expect to be released from feelings and situations you no longer want in your life [and that being the case, contact Black Feather – blackfeathermedicine(at) – for help with the life changes you’ll be moving through]! In any case, SageStories can be a wake-up call, delivering the message that every lifedream event, experience, and /or relationship is no accident, providing an opportunity to see the benefit – and for some, the essential possibility – of living your Best life.

You could yourself help in answering prayers: show a friend you care by telling them about SageStories, or if you’re interested, learn how to employ the techniques Black Feather used to create SageStories, and answer many people’s prayers! He’ll be offering a free, introductory information session re Lifedream Illuminations at the Baggage Arts Centre, sometime in June (TBA).

Meet metaphysical artist-medium, David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy, at the SageStories opening: 1pm to 4, Saturday June 1st (2019).


When we’re unhappy, ‘more’ doesn’t make us happier; a positive state of gratitude and appreciation does, by influencing our lives and environment for the better.

By appreciating, we create ease, but getting to ease /exercising appreciation can be a challenge, when we’ve got baggage we’re dragging around.

Whether that baggage is packed with a lack of closure, the need to break a silence, to change a perception, to right a past transgression or ‘mistake’, circumvented forgiveness, incomplete lessons, or whatnot, our feeling selves (incidentally, the selves that most powerfully manifest present life conditions) keep us ‘in’ the past.

Fruitfully manifesting in the Now is only possible, then, by first realistically coming to terms with ‘where’ you are presently, tying up loose ends, reconciling, making amends with/ adjustments to – both conscious and otherwise unconscious – perceptions of self.


Visit ‘SageStories’ (June, 2019), to see if your unclaimed baggage is there.

SageStories is comprised of 20 angelically-directed ‘lifedream’ communications, presented in three parts:

1.      tour: take the walking tour for an audio experience of SageStories on the grounds of Marina Park (Thunder Bay, ON Canada) using the SageStories web-based app [go to]
(while you can ‘visit’ virtually, an in-person experience has *added benefits*)

2.      travel: visit the mezzanine (/upper level) of the Baggage Building Arts Centre to see an exhibit of carvings depicting specific lifedream ‘destinations’. A depiction may describe details – either symbolically or representationally – about your lifedream specifically, or of a travel/soulmate.

3.      inquire: the intended persons /subjects of each lifedream were preordained by Spirit (substitute God/dess /Source /Eternal Mystery, etc., as is your preference).
If from experiencing the SageStories tour or the carvings exhibit you believe one of the depictions describes your lifedream experience specifically, request to see the original source drawing it was derived from,
[Note: as they may contain information relevant to their Divinely intended subjects that may be of a ‘sensitive’ nature, source drawings will only be available by request, and after considerate contemplation.]

While soul-level permission (from subjects’ Higher Selves, you could say) has been granted to extend this information, the choice – the Freedom – to participate is, of course, yours. ‘SageStories’ may test your courage. Consider, though, that there may well be greater risk in staying where you ‘are’ than venturing into new territory.

“You are always protected and Divinely directed.”

Wishing you Every good thing,

metaphysical artist-medium,
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy

the ride’s not fun any more

[I’ve been inspired to apply my ‘drawing as a healing medium’ format to woodcarving…]

‘second chances’

This piece (still a work in progress) portrays an unintegrated experience for the subject, one that I can well imagine continually repeats in this man’s later life, such that it would seem to him that every time he wants to do something he’s ‘adrenaline-level’ excited about, he feels he has a female figure in his life holding him back, ‘controlling him’, even.
Not to make light of it, but it’s kind of ironic that there’s a repeating /’round and round’ issue here, because I believe this original event is related to an amusement park ride (or something very much like); one with an aquatic theme, to be more specific. His mom is portrayed as the cow at top, suggesting that to all intents, purposes and appearances, she had a very nurturing, maternal nature. The fact that her left arm was in a sling (not a solid cast, I don’t believe) helps to identify her, and has something to do with how this issue played out.
By revisiting this story with the awareness a new perspective can facilitate, his core beliefs can shift, such that he can manifest something ‘other’. His life will no longer have to frustratingly echo this previous event. He’ll be able to enjoy a profoundly more rewarding dynamic with his significant others, and actually enjoy and engage in what excites him, rather than feeling sabotaged, sick /ill, or hampered by ‘unfair’ circumstances.
If this resonates, email me, and I’ll help you work through it (in a way that’s ‘accessible’, even enjoyable). There’s much more that can be resolved here. You have a unique, and valuable gift to bring forward. Don’t allow this aspect of your past to continue to limit you.
Nothing can bring us lasting happiness. We have it already, within us. The question, then, is “What have I been believing /practicing that’s disturbing that?”

Big Medicine Love to You
David ‘Black Feather’ Nagy


Are you lost in ‘why’? …as in, why am I ‘here’, why did that happen to me… why is [fill in the blank] not happening …or maybe the proverbial, what the f(ire tr)uck did I do to deserve this?

Familiar? Reckoned so. Here’s some help with that… Continue reading ‘Why?’

Who’s up for a poke at the nuts?

So you ‘should’ leave your comfort zone, right? Sure, you’ve heard it’s a good thing to do, but contemplating it puts knots in your stomach, nightmares in your head, and ultimately, cement shoes where your feet used to be.

I’m pretty sure I can help with that… Continue reading Who’s up for a poke at the nuts?

There Are Two Kinds of People…

two-kinds-of-people_eyesThere are two kinds of people in the world. Actually, a better way to put it would be to say, ‘there are two ways of being in the world’: loving, or being afraid to love. Interestingly, both of them arise out of the same theme: whether you feel your needs will be met or not… Continue reading There Are Two Kinds of People…

The Mystery of Change

ultimatelyWhy we’re fated – or seemingly ‘destined’ – to have some experiences in life is a mystery. Is it karma? …a benevolent (or not-so-benevolent) Being having a laugh? Whether it’s an unexpected death, a lottery win, or an imposed career change, all can seem to come from beyond our control.

Continue reading The Mystery of Change

Thanks for Nothing!

bastard ego

The ego’s a manipulator, insidious.

No surprise there, I imagine.

Case in point: it comes along after the proverbial fact to give us shit for having [maybe] missed an opportunity, when it’s actually its perspective we’d been seeing things from in the first place (thus causing us to not see – or to ‘shy away from’ – said opportunity)!

It hides all your best gifts on the other side of your fears [and who’s inclined to even think to look there, right?].

Continue reading Thanks for Nothing!

Your Love Prescription

this way to loveFrustrated with your love life?

In a love-slump?

Do you imagine you might be sabotaging your loving relationships?

Do you feel unworthy of true love?

Maybe you feel that you have to ‘settle’, always choose the wrong partner or love interest …?

Ultimately, do you want a change, a way to fix your love life (or lack of one)?!

Continue reading Your Love Prescription

Assisting in illumination of your lifedream through 'soul-medicine' wisdom, dream symbolism, past-life /karmic reading and resolution, channeling, drawing as a healing medium, and energy healing. In Loving service, David 'Black Feather' Nagy


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